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Pinnacle was established at the beginning of Cataclysm. First week of Dragon soul we cleared all content on normal, and the next reset we got 1/8 HC. Due to big changes to in the guild structure we shifted to a more casual raiding schedule which we kept into Mist of Pandaria, till the guild shut in Summer 2013.

Pinnacle is now back for Warlords of Draenor! We have gathered some old friends, and not so old friends, to conquer new content.

We still expect 100% preparation and focus when it comes to raiding, even though we have a casual guild atmosphere.



Our ambitions are to enjoy the game as much as possible and build a community where everyone is welcome and push for completing new content. We want to have a mature raid team capable of raiding the toughest encounters without having to jeopordise our lives outside of the game. We try to be realistic; we are not competing for server firsts but we do intend to make good progress into heroic content before new patches are released! We place emphasis on regular attendance from our raiders and our raiding rules reflect this in order to encourage steady teams.


  • If you have any problems ingame or IRL that effects your gameplay, please feel free to notify any of the officers.
  • Any questions or suggestions on how to improve the guild are very welcome. Post it in our
  • Questions and Suggestion forum!
  • We expect our members to have a good raid attendance.
  • Raiders that can not meet that requirement will be demoted. On Trial rank, you will be guild kicked. If you know that you will be away for a longer time, please make a post on the Absence and Goodbyes



  • No harrasing or insulting guildies, or other people of World of Warcraft.
  • Respect guildies and pugs alike; your behaviour will reflect on your fellow guildies.
  • Keep personal grievances with other guildies out of guild/raid chat.
  • We focus on resolving personal issues in between members in a mature manner.
  • No begging for gold, promotion or boosts.


We want Pinnacle to have a good reputation on the server, so please be respectful towards others.
If we hear reports of our members being disrespectful towards others, you will be questioned by an officer.
Officers can and will, warn or kick at their discretion, for any issues not covered in the rules above

Be nice, have fun and enjoy your guild and gameplay!

Contacts: Ikou: Mimilini#2217

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